Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Summer Beach workout

A popular feature of our fitness qualifications courses is our weekly beach workouts. The workouts are simple, using very little equipment but very effective.

In this video you can see my business partner Jim Conaghan and I putting ourselves through a beach workout, practicing what we preach!

This particular section consisted of...

  1. Sprint
  2. Beer barrel overhead presses - 10 reps
  3. Sprint
  4. Squat jumps - 10 reps
  5. Sprint
  6. Beer barrel bent over rows - 10 reps
  7. Sprint
  8. Sledgehammer swings - 10 reps

This video is of the last of 5 sets by the way and before which we had already performed numerous other drills!

Please excuse the shaky hands camera work...I'm new to this hi-tech video camera lark!

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