Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Tabata Sledgehammer Workout

Looking for a short, sharp but seriously effective workout? One that will burn lots of calories while improving muscular endurance as well as improve aerobic and anaerobic conditioning? Look no further than the Tabata Sledgehammer Workout!

Be like an 80's rapper and make it Hammer Time!

As discussed in this article, Tabata Protocol is a fast, effective and efficient workout consisting of 20 second work intervals alternated with 10 second rests repeated for 8 - 10 sets.

Each set should be performed at maximum intensity however a little pacing may turn what is a incredibly intense workout into one that you aren't scared of repeating! In the video you'll see that I did roughly the same number of reps each set so although I did pace my self slightly, I ensured there was no drop off during in work rate the workout. The next time I perform this session I'll be sure to try to add another rep each set to increase to the challenge and keep the progressions coming.

As with any workout, progression and increased systemic overload is vital to keep making gains in fitness so whatever you achieve today, it's important to strive to achieve more (increased reps, more sets sets, greater resistance, reduced rest intervals etc) you need to strive to achieve more tomorrow! progression = no improvements!

To turn this particular workout into a whole body exercise session, why not try alternating sets of hammer swings and body weight squats...?

1st set - 20 seconds hammer swings
10 seconds rest
2nd set - 20 seconds body weight squats,
10 seconds rest
3rd set - 20 seconds hammer swings
10 seconds rest
4th set - 20 seconds body weight squats
10 seconds rest etc

Repeat pairing 8-10 times for a 10 minute workout that will hit just about every muscle group in your body!

Tabatas & sledgehammers - a match made in Heaven, or possibly Hell depending on whether it's your first set or your last!


  1. Tabatas & sledgehammers rock! Will hit this one later lol. Cheers dude

  2. the entire point to tabata training is to do as many reps as possible during each 20 second interval. pacing yourself defeats the purpse.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I qualified the the statement about pacing in the article by saying "Each set should be performed at maximum intensity however a little pacing may turn what is a incredibly intense workout into one that you aren't scared of repeating". Full intensity would be something that would be reached in time. Remember that Tabata was working with highly trained Olympic speed skaters - not Joe Public. Pacing is fine, providing that the principle of progressive overload is adhered to. As for defeating the purpose - the purpose was to have a workout, which I did. Purpose achieved.

  4. sledgehammer's are the best ever (for me anyways!)

    look at this sledgehammer workout

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